– Object of trading

The objects of RTRS trade are graded agri-food products that have been admitted to trading by the Exchange Management Board.

A prerequisite for trading in a specific batch of a given product on the Exchange is depositing it in an Authorised Warehouse (providing or not providing storage services) and recording it in the e-RTRS system by this Warehouse. Before accepting and recording a particular batch of goods, the Authorised Warehouse must confirm that it meets the quality requirements set by the Exchange.

When it comes to common wheat, trading can be carried out for wheat classes A, B, and C, with quality requirements and parameters specified in an attachment to the RTRS Regulation.

As part of a given quality class, batches with varying quality parameters can be offered, provided that they do not exceed the limit values specified for the given class. The Exchange prices always relate to a particular product class, not a specific batch; therefore, batch differences in terms of quality parameters are not reflected in the prices. In addition, in an Authorised Warehouse providing storage services, batches of goods from different originators and with different parameters are mixed within an individual class, which means that it is impossible to separate a specific batch of goods later.

Subject to trading in the single-price system is wheat class B and C, while in the auction system – wheat class A, B, and C.

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